The Bible a Myth?

There is a major movement in the world today to discredit the Holy Scriptures. Many claim that it is just a story of myths or that the Hebrews stole their religion from the Sumerians & Babylonians. It is a historical fact that Adonai Yahshua walked this earth and the New Testament Scriptures are a reliable document of this fact. The Zeitgeist/Da Vinci Code 'movement' is full of half-truths and generalizations comparing the Scriptures to pagan myths which is a great deception to those who don't know the true history and facts on the subject matter. The fact that all cultures and religions have stories of creation, Adam and Eve figures, the garden of Eden, the fall of man, the Flood, Noah figures, Tower of Babel, Moses figures, and Messiahs actually strengthen the credibility of the Scriptures. The truth is such that it will permeate throughout all things even though many times it is veiled by a cloud of deception.

Zeitgeist...This is the film that tries to prove that the Bible is based on pagan mythology and is not historically accurate or reliable.

Jonathan Gray - Who's Playing Jesus Games? This is an excellent video which addresses the claims made in the Zeitgeist movie.

Zeitgeist Refuted

The Evidence for the Existence of Jesus

The God Who is There (Rebuttal to 'the God Who Wasn't There' and 'Zeitgeist')

The second piece of media in recent times that has been used to try to discredit the validity of the Holy Scriptures is the DaVinci Code. As with the Zeitgeist film, the DaVinci code is full of half-truths and lies that are purported to be facts.

Chuck Missler- Da Vinci Code Deception

Bloodline...the supposed marriage of Messiah Yahshua to Mary Magdalene and the bloodline that followed is main topic of the DaVinci code and is used to discredit the New Testament writings.

A third topic that is being used to attack the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures is extraterrestial life. It is used to support the theory of evolution and that man is just another being among a vast 'galactic' community. It is also used, as is seen in the following videos, to theorize that the God of the Bible is really an E.T.

UFOs in the Bible

Moses & Alien Technology 1

Moses & Alien Technology 2

Nibiru/Planet X & the Annunaki

This topic also is strongly associated with the Sumerian writings that 'divine beings' known as the Annunaki created mankind in clay vessels by mixing their DNA with the DNA of a type of 'cro magnum' man that was living on the earth in those days.


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  1. """Zeitgeist...This is the film that tries to prove that the Bible is based on pagan mythology and is not historically accurate or reliable.""

    that's an invalid statement. Zeitgeist proves the man made religions are based on pagan mythology. The religions that we practice like Catholic, Baptist, etc. are separate from the bible. The bible is a documented history book and I don't see how that is based off paganism like Catholic celebrating Xmas and Easter. If I'm mistaken, please enlighten me on Zeitgeist proves the Bible as Pagan like it does with Organized Christianity (catholic, baptist, lutherian, etc.)"